CPTG Essential Oils

Wellness Workshops


  • Stressed or tired?
  • Sick of being sick?
  • Looking for a safe, sustainable, cost effect, complimentary or natural alternative to over the counter medication?
  • Looking for a lightweight, natural first aid kit that can fit in the palm of your hand?

Would you like to achieve Optimal Health for You and Your Family?

It’s easy to take control and feel empowered with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils.  These powerful natural medicines can provide cost effective remedies for:

* Immune support
* Natural first aid
* Energy
* Joint and muscle pain
* Digestive issues
* Weightloss
* Concentration & fucus
* Digestive issues
* Sleep
* Emotional support
* Hormonal balance

In the workshop, we typically go through the benefits of the oils in the Home Essentials Kit which includes the 10 most popular oils. The workshops are informal, educational, inspirational and fun.

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Contact Tanya on 0755 733 7363 / tanya@greenlifeorganics.co.uk to book a FREE workshop within the Bradford on Avon or Bath region or arrange a class via Skpye (tanya_maidment1).