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6 Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

Our bodies have an amazing defence system specifically designed to guard us against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites all laying siege to invade.  Our immune system also helps to clean up dead and abnormal cells. When we don’t look after ourselves properly, our immune system doesn’t work as well and we become […]

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Essential Oils for Pain Management

Essential oils for pain can be very effective and fortunately do not come with negative side effects.

Every essential oil contains multiple medicinal properties that assist the systems of the body. There are over 60 different essential oils for pain that have analgesic properties. Analgesic means that a substance has shown to relieve or reduce pain.

Wintergreen Essential Oil contains […]

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Diffusing Essential Oils

I’ve been diffusing essential oils for a few years now and I often wonder how I ever managed without them!  As a Mum of two young children, I’m always looking at ways to help care for them naturally and I LOVE my treasure chest of essential oils! We use them every day for so many […]

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5 Steps to Fight Depression Naturally

If you have ever suffered from depression then you will know how it feels to be at the bottom of a big, dark, deep pit. The sides are tall and slimy. But you know that if you can climb up and out then there is sunlight and hope at the top.

I have been in this […]

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Healthy Homemade Cleaning Products

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins. Typically, the air inside our homes is more toxic than the air outside. It’s estimated that indoor air pollutants may be 2 to 5 times higher than out of doors, and in some homes are as much as 100 times higher! What’s more, 90% of […]

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Emotional Healing With Essential Oils

I am loving my journey of discovery with essential oils.  I am often amazed at how quickly they work as a powerful natural medicine, and how the results can often be life changing.

Even more incredible is our body’s ability to heal itself, provided we give ourselves the right tools: good wholefood nutrition, adequate rest, moderate […]

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Cooking with Essential Oils

As a busy working mum of two, I’m always looking for some quick, easy and healthy ways to add flavour to our meals.  Cooking with essential oils provides a great solution to this!

Because they are so concentrated, essential oils are up to 70 times more potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from, […]

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How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Have you ever tried to diet, and no matter what you ate you didn’t manage to lose weight … no matter how much you exercised you just couldn’t lose that stubborn belly fat? Then you have experienced the ‘weight loss plateau’.

I’ve had times in my life where I have piled on the pounds in a […]

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Natural First Aid Travel Solutions

Backpacking with young children is a great way to travel but can have its challenges, as we discovered during our two weeks of travelling in Northern Thailand in January 2013. Thankfully our 3 and 7 year old like egg fried rice and January in Northern Thailand is winter and the perfect time to travel. Not too hot […]

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Why Detox?

I’ve just spent the last three weeks on a detox diet with my husband. It was quite extreme (especially for my coffee drinking, biscuit eating, husband!). We both gave up coffee, wheat, dairy, sugar AND alcohol FOR THREE WEEKS!!!

Days 3 and 4 were the most challenging! Every other day thereafter my husband would ask ‘why […]

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